Adaptable SpinBOT

for industrial and non-industrial SMB sector.

Our robotic worker, called SpinBot, is built using our patented modular robotic device kit, offers a cost-efficient automation solution for the industrial and non-industrial SMBs with frequent changes in orders.

Who we are

Spinbotics team brings an Adaptable robotic worker, based on our patented modular robotic worker kit and Digital deployment process, with full-stack carefree ,,healthcare insurance” to faster, simpler and flexible automation solutions for almost any simple monotonous tasks in the industrial and non-industrial SMBs. Our company was founded out in one small flat in Kosice with people of work experience from CERN, Photoneo and Kistler and is based on product research and development and strong commercial implementation since 2012.

Based on many years of development and research, in addition to a modular robotic device kit, we have developed a unique software solution, thanks to which each of our modules knows in which structure the robotic device is located and for and what type of task it performs. This, together with integrated SW manuals and a unique digital way of integration and deployment, guarantees unheard speed and simplicity of ,,plug and play” deployment of an adaptable robotic worker without the need for knowledge of complex programming and specialized staff.

Our ambitious and talented team, together with the support of our investors and in cooperation with our partners, has the expertise, strength and courage to bring our adaptable robotic workers to industrial and non-industrial SMBs and thereby help them increase their production capacities, quality of their products and overcome labor shortages.


Thanks to our investors and customers, we grow and become stronger.
Thank you.